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Our Story

@nghiofficial | NEEWIN Founder & Designer

NEEWIN started toward the end of 2019 with the passion of a young fashion student. I was a senior Fashion and Merchandising student working on my Collection for graduation and learning how to run a business in the fashion industry, plus trying to open my brand by, all together at the same time. It was such a crazy time to think back honestly, but I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Started up with womenswear first with mostly tops, dresses and some accessories, I finally had a chance to apply what I have learned in and outside of school to my brand and also put my passion into it.

But then we got lock down in March due to the virus Covid-19. I chose to switch my business to design, make and delivery face masks to help a hand on demand at that time. Realize that a lot of people also didn’t get access to food for their families, with each mask purchased, I donated a portion of proceed to the Houston Food Bank. Our satin face masks have been best-seller items and delivered across the country, all 50 states, with 10,000 masks made and over 7,500 meals donated. I appreciate everybody who has been with me in this journey and contribute your business to this donation. For that, I’m thankful.
Today, NEEWIN is not only a streetwear brand, but a lifestyle designed for all to inspire all. Our people share equality, the positive message, energy and always find ways to give back to the society that we live in. A lifestyle that makes you believe in yourself and empower you to write your own destiny. Each piece is created to be with your journey at where you are at, to support your goals, and most importantly, make you feel good and confidence.
We are learning and continuing to strive to be better day-by-day, and we hope to be an inspiration for you in your journey.
Thanks for being here and reading our story. We love you!
Nghi & team NW
PS: Have questions or want to connect? Never hesitate to reach out to us directly by shooting an email to neewin.co@gmail.com


Making A Difference

Wearing NEEWIN is not just wearing an item, you are wearing a brand thoughtfully designed with positive energy and messages. Our unique designs were made to bring you confidence and liveliness.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, NEEWIN has helped provide more than 7,500 meals to the Houston Food Bank with each purchase of our popular satin mask collection.

For the holidays we are donating a portion of proceeds to Toys for Tots, a program run by The United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. Shop our collection of unisex screen printed shirts, hoodies, and beanies now and spread the joy. Your support contributes to all the great things that we have accomplished, are doing & will continue to do, thank you!