Collection: Gown Collection

Make your plan extra special with our one-of-a-kind gowns.
At NEEWIN, we not only believe in the quality of each garment with craftsmanship but also where it is come from. Each piece is designed and made in our studio, Houston, Texas, where quality control is secured by our team.
At NEEWIN, we listen to your ideas, give you consultation, and make your vision into life with our expertise. We are specialized in modern & elegant designs that focus on cut, details and fit.
Our goal is to make you look your best and stand out at your day.
If you are looking for custom designs for special occasions (Gala, Engagement, Wedding, Formal dress code..etc) or Vietnamese Modern Ao Dai (Engagement, Tea ceremony, Wedding, Bridesmaids) please send us an email to

Photographed by @sqfoto