Collection: Wedding & Bridesmaid

Getting your wedding gown fitted is the top priority for your special day. At NEEWIN, our expert team of tailors will help you achieve the look you have always dream of.


The price list below is our base prices for solid wedding gowns. Price of each item vary depend on complexity of gown (factors such as intricacies of construction, number of layers, special handling) will require additional fee for services.

If you have any questions regarding your wedding gown, want to book a fitting, or get an estimate, please email us more information at

Install Bra Cups (Bra Cups Not Included)

$39 & up

Basic Hem (No Details)

$89 & up

Adjust Straps

$39 & up

Sides Adjustment

$99 & up

Zipper Seam Adjustment

$79 & up

Replace Zipper (Zipper Not Included)

$69 & up

Re-Design Old Gown To A New Style

Upon Request

Bridesmaids Package

Upon Request

*We carry a selection of bra cups ($5-10/pair) and zippers ($3-10/ea) for your convenience, or you can bring your own.

What is Bridesmaids Package?

When you book a fitting day for 4+ bridesmaids, we offer a discount 10% off on the total amount. Discounts do not apply for same day or next day service.

*Price does not included tax.